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What is bamboo fiber?Introduce A New Product

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Update time : 2021-07-19 16:24:07

What is bamboo fiber?

Original bamboo fiber is also called as Natural Bamboo Fiber or Bio Bamboo Fiber, not Bamboo Viscose Fiber. Original bamboo fiber is the true natural fiber and belongs to bast fiber. Original bamboo fiber is directly obtained from natural bamboo by using physical and mechanical process without any chemical additive. The feeling and functional property of original bamboo fiber is similar to ramie, hemp, flax fiber etc, but anti-bacterial, deodorant and anti-UV properties from original bamboo fiber are stronger than them. The production flow of natural original bamboo fiber: Natural raw bamboo

1. Organic Bamboo webbing is durable and soft to touch,100% Eco Friendly.
2. Soft Fleece Padded , durable chewing proof .
3. Heavy Duty Plastic Buckle: The side-release plastic buckle is strong control the dogs, and easy to operate.
4, Welded Metal D-ring for leash attachment.
5, Custom rubber logo and woven logo .

Bamboo Dog Collar

Bamboo Dog Leash

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