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Update time : 2021-05-27 17:20:58
Weaving webbing :
OKEYPETS have our own weaving departments, we have more than 36 machines to weaving webbing for pets collar, leashes. for 10mm/15mm/20mm/25mm normal width, we have white webbing in stock .Our machine can also weave nylon webbing , nylon webbing with reflective lines, tube webbing, webbing with woven logo . webbing for pets products using thickness is 1.8mm , strong, soft, and durable .

Heat-transfer printed workshop:
We have three large heat transfer machines, which can transfer both front and back sides at the same time. Our transfer master has more than 5 years of transfer experience, they can control the temperature very experienced to ensure that the transfer color is bright, correct and clear, and the pattern is printed in the center on the webbing.

Cutting workshop :
We have two methods for cutting webbing: automatic cutting machine and manual cutting. Both methods can cut the webbing accurately and keep the edges smooth. Because the webbing is relatively thick, we all adopt the professional beveling method, there will be no gaps on the edge of the webbing after sewing, and it feels smooth.
We also have a professional laser cutting machine, which is professionally used for harness, bandana and bow tie material cutting .

Sewing workshop:
It is the department with the largest number of employees in our company. We have different sewing machines, all of which are highly equipped computer sewing machines, which can sew different shapes, seaming, square, Z-sewing, and overlock sewing. , Double stitch sewing. The finished product assembly is composed of different sewing machines .

Packing and quality inspection:
The sewn products will all come here. The workers will remove the threads one by one, and then our quality inspection colleagues will check the quality, and finally put them into the packaging bag one by one. All our pets products are individually packaged, each product will be folded neatly without wrinkles, and then packed into boxes. All our cartons are five-layer corrugated boxes, professional export carton.

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